The ultimate form of engagement for a new generation of sports assets.

What is Equitie

Equitie is a mobile investment platform for alternative assets that empowers fans to easily invest in things they are passionate about.
A marketplace that creates highly engaged fan-based communities using the power of democratized sports ownership.

Sports Investment Today

Sport asset ownership has historically been available only to the ultra wealthy, while millions of fans have no meaningful participation.
These fans are eager to engage and invest in their favorite teams & athletes but are left on the sidelines.

Why Sports Assets


The world’s most valuable sports franchises were up 18% last year.


The world’s most valuable sports franchises have outperformed the S&P 500 by more than 50% since 2000.


The world’s highest-paid athletes earned at least $25M this year representing 45% growth since 2014.

The most valuable athletes, teams and leagues have experienced strong financial gains, however they need to find new ways to engage the next generation of fans. The opportunity exists for athletes and teams to reach their millions of global supporters by opening new asset classes to the next generation of investors.

Our Vision

To enable more meaningful participation in valuable sports assets and deepen the connection between fans, athletes and teams. Through ownership and financial returns, we are building fan communities and the opportunity to support athletes, teams and the social causes they are passionate about.

Why Equitie

New Marketplace for First-Time Investors

Offering exciting alternative assets to next-gen investors ahead of the ‘Great Wealth Transfer’

Sports Asset Focused for High Engagement

Harnessing the power sports for higher engagement, creating a community of millions of passionate fans.

10+ Years of Private Equity Capital Deployment

>30% annual returns through proven investment & management of $500M+ of capital deployed.

Improved Asset Value for Athletes and Teams

Upside through improved valuation, liquidity and fan monetization through our marketplace.


Full control and management of your holdings so that offerings can be easily monitored and returns can be optimized.
Receive alerts and track performance in real-time, both on and off the field.


Seamlessly browse athletes and teams, buy/sell offerings creating a new, liquid marketplace.
Data analytics provide stats/comparables for transparent investing and recommends new athletes/teams for investment.


Ownership creates a powerful form of engagement between the athlete/team and the fans.
Sign up for exclusive access and content, connect with other investor-fans in the community around news, trends and support of social causes.

Pillars of Engagement


Join a powerful community of like-minded fans, with access to exclusive content and interactions, on and off the field.


Purchase or win special merchandise, signed and rare collectibles directly from teams and athletes.


Own a piece of your favorite teams and athletes, building an exciting portfolio with just a few clicks.


Support the causes that are important to you and your favorite athletes & teams to create meaningful change.

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